Annual Conference of the IASC – Healing Hatred: Spiritual Challenges in a Context of Political Conflict


The Second Annual Conference of the IASC on “Healing Hatred: Spiritual Challenges in a Context of Political Conflict” will take place on July 9  – 11, 2017. The first day will be in Jerusalem, the second in Bethlehem and the third day in Beit Jala (Palestine / Israel).

The Annual Conference of the IASC 2017 will be devoted to the theme of Healing Hatred, inspired by the joint project of the same name conceived of and implemented by the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, the Rossing Center for Education and Dialogue and the Holy Land Trust. The conference will be held with the generous support of the University of Bern

This project is a pioneering and innovative application of the tools and concepts of spiritual care to the field of intractable conflict and interreligious peacebuilding.

The 2017 conference will create a ground-breaking opportunity for academics and professionals from the fields of spiritual care and interreligious peacebuilding to come together to consider how their fields overlap, and how, in a world increasingly fractured and broken, we can find new paths to healing and to overcoming enmity and division.

Building on the successful conferences held in 2015 and 2016, which examined the fields of Spiritual Care in an Intercultural World, and Spiritual Care and Migration, the 2017 conference will continue the process of investigating and developing the field of spiritual care in different directions, focusing on the complex context of political conflicts and examining the meeting point of spiritual care and interreligious peacebuilding work. The conference will bring together speakers from a wide array of different professional and academic backgrounds for three days of papers, panel discussions, and practical workshops.

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Conference Program (PDF)

Join us for a Pre-Conference Study-Tour which will provide background on local issues and the environment in which the local work on Spiritual Challenges in a Context of Political Conflict takes place. Through site visits and encounters with individuals, we will present the multi-religious and political realities of Israel-Palestine.  The Study-Tour will visit major religious sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and explore the geopolitical situation of the Jerusalem area.  We will hear about the memories which animate actors, see Spiritual Care at work and meet Israelis and Palestinians in their homes.
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