Research, Resources, and Links


  1. A Short Bibliography of some English-language Spiritual Care Literature From or Related to Buddhist Traditional Contexts and Perspectives – Compiled by Bhikshuni L. Trinlae, PhD. – 1 March, 2017
  2.  From Dr. Michelle Friedman, Aug. 13, 2020: An academic colleague has begun assembling this database of religious norms and guidance in various religious traditions for COVID and you may find it interesting:

NEW! MULTI-MEDIA RESOURCE ON SPIRITUAL CARE AS “BEING THERE“: Dr. Pamela Cooper-White is interviewed by Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed on 3MMM (3 Minute Ministry Mentor), February 2021:

NEW! Link to International Network for the Study of Spirituality and the Journal for the Study of Spirituality here: This website also contains links to other related organizations: